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About NeuroPhysics Therapy Northern Rivers

NeuroPhysics Therapy is a highly respected therapy and performance program that has been scientifically proven to provide unprecedented outcomes and benefits for its clients. It is an exercise-based program that engages and triggers the body's natural healing processes, making it unique and effective.

For over three decades, NeuroPhysics Therapy has consistently produced outstanding results for clients with a wide range of mild to severe complex health conditions, as well as athletes seeking to enhance their performance. The program has received high-profile global media attention on several occasions for the unprecedented outcomes and benefits it has provided.

Our Clinic services the Northern Rivers of NSW, the space offers a warm and relaxed ambient environment in the heart of Ballina. 

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Meet the Team

Kam Wilkinson

Founder + Licensed Neurotricionist

Kam Wilkinson has been involved with NeuroPhysics Therapy since 2014. He has been applying the NeuroPhysics Therapy principles and programs into his everyday life and whilst practicing as a Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner in Perth and Queensland. As a practicing therapist, he has worked with many people, significantly improving their health and well-being, and now specializes in complex disorders such as Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Anxiety, PTSD, and Multiple Sclerosis.

He is very proud to be involved with such a globally respected elite health, well-being, and performance program. As a fully qualified and licensed Neurotricionist, it gives him great satisfaction in being able to provide clients with all the outcomes and benefits that NeuroPhysics Therapy is respected for.

He regularly presents at international neurological conferences showcasing his research and case studies, in collaboration with NeuroPhysics Therapy founder Ken Ware.

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Keaton White

Licensed Neurotrician

Keaton has been involved with NeuroPhysics Therapy for over 5 years now. He first became involved with the therapy through his own experience with sporting injuries. It didn’t take him long to develop an immediate fascination about the therapy and began his studies not long after I went through the therapy himself. Keaton continues to play sport such as rugby league and golf.


Dylan Irwin

Exercise specialist, Qualified NDIS Support Worker NeuroPhysics Therapy Student

Dylan Irwin is a personal trainer and a disability support worker with over 5 years of experience in high-needs care. He has a strong passion for this line of work from years of helping to give everyone a voice and watching what they can achieve.

Dylan's objective while working with Individuals is to make it a fun, safe environment where they feel welcomed at all times and feel comfortable being themselves.

He commenced his NeuroPhysics Therapy studies in August of 2022.


Jasmin Tews

Clinic Operations Specialist + Qualified NDIS Support Worker 

Behind the scenes, Jasmin is the Clinic Operations Specialist, you will see her smile around the place ensuring everything is running smoothly and supporting clients attending their programs.

She spent the last few years as a beauty therapist before recently moving into this role and starting as a qualified Support Worker.

Jas made the move down from Central Queensland with her partner NPT practitioner Keaton White in February of 2022.

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