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KEN WARE: Defining the 6 Pillars of Optimal Health and Performance

Defining the 6 Pillars of Optimal Health and Performance:

This informative video is one of the introductory videos to NeuroPhysics Athletica Peak Performance Programs. However, this information is foundational and vitally relative to all aspects of Human Function and Performance, identifying where our main focuses need to be placed to maintain optimal health and performance, or recover from health and performance setbacks. Everything needs to be orderly and in control bottom up. This means that sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards. The benefits that will come from EXERCISE for any individual, how fast or slow they AGE and how they respond to what they choose to be EATING will all be determined by how well they stack up in terms of good POSTURE, their regulation of EMOTIONS and the acuity of their subjective perception of their ENVIRONMENT. I express how we can use the mechanics of exercise to restore posture, gain control and authority over our emotional landscape and maintain healthy perceptions of the environment. You may need to watch this a few times in places to take it all in. I do hope that you are able to take something away and apply it from watching this video..All the very best in optimal health and performance..Ken Ware

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