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NeuroPhysics Therapy assisting Athletic Performance!

NeuroPhysics Therapy has been gaining huge international attention with regular new stories, ongoing documentaries and regular groundbreaking presentations at world neurological conferences.

With much of the attention on the great results achieved by our incredible patients with complex dis-orders, NeuroPhysics can greatly assist high-level athletes, business people and everyday people that just want to be the best that can be.

Listen to sporting identities express their experiences through NPT.

- Jana Pitman

- Karla Gilbert

- Nick Kenny

- Reni Maitua

- Mark Matthews

- Pete Jacobs

- Maxine Seear

- Michael Bohl

All of these athletes have had access to some of the best therapist in the world and they express how no other form of therapy has ever accomplished what NPT has promised and delivered. This video includes comments by leading Australian coaches.

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