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Back in control through NeuroPhysics Therapy - Post Right Side MCA Stroke 2018 + Secondary Epilepsy

In 2018 he had a Right Side MCA Stroke, which resulted in an 11.5cm lesion. As a result of that, he had secondary Tonic-Clonic Sezuires every 3 months since. To date, he has not had a Tonic-Clonic Sezire for over 16 months, since undertaking NeuroPhysics Therapy.

He has improved his posture, confidence, and strength and feels he has the tools now to navigate life into the future. If excess energy, information, and stress build in his system, he knows how to regulate and dissipate to get back in control.

Listen to Trev explain what has occurred, the benefits, and what now lies ahead for him.

To learn more please contact the team at 0475 852 554 OR DM

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